Use Rates

Use Rates

Cell Culture Lab

There is no charge for sample preparation in the Cell Culture Lab, including use of the Biological Safety Cabinet or Biosafety Cabinet (BSC).


Updated January 11, 2018



Fluoview FV1000

$ 25.00/h

Use charges for Michigan Tech Confocal Laser-Scanning Fluorescence Imaging Shared Facility are calculated biennially. The Michigan Tech Research Accounting Office endorses this procedure. More information on calculating use rates is at:

Financial Services and Operations – General and Auxiliary Accounting – Special Fees and Use Charges – Policy and Procedures Information – USE RATE FORM

Users must have submitted a CIF User Profile/Responsible Agreement Form with at least one active account listed. To record usage for charging, there will be an electronic log book and log sheet system.

See also ACMAL rates.