Olympus Training

Olympus Training


To gain access the same semester to the confocal facility, arrange to get training with Jerry Lutz. No training will be provided in the absence of required forms. Fill out the CIF Training Request Form below to negotiate a training session.

My weekly schedule tends to be open on the following days and times this semester. I will resubmit this form if my schedule changes.
By submitting this request form, I am indicating that I have already filled out the CICF User Profile/Responsible Agreement Form and had it signed by the Account Holder. I agree to present that printed form AT THE FIRST TRAINING SESSION. I will wait to be contacted for training session arrangement details.


After you have completed the training and when you are ready to do research using the CIF, follow the procedure below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with lab policy and safety procedures.
  2. Reserve the microscope.
  3. Get a key. Keys can be found in the front office of the Department of Chemistry, Chem-Sci 607.
  4. Sign into the logging system immediately before starting.
  5. Follow safety rules, standard operating procedures, and cleanliness behaviors while operating the instrument.
  7. Sign out of the logging system immediately after finishing.
  8. Return the key.

See also ACMAL training for each of the instruments, as well as Electron Microscopy Free Online Training.


To gain access to the confocal facility, potential users should either complete the course OR take a specialized training session.

  • FAQ 1. Who should get training?
  • Answer: Training is meant for people who have a solid understanding of confocal microscopy, including the preparation of the samples and dye selection. The purpose of training is solely to give the user experience running the instrument and software.
  • FAQ 2. Who should take the course?
  • Answer:  The class is intended to give the student a much broader education on the topics involved with confocal microscopy, including sample preparation techniques and dye selection.


“Confocal Microscopy” (CH4800-01/CH6800-01) is a Special Topics Course designed to provide a solid background on the use of confocal microscopy, as a tool to study cell and molecular biology. The course will consist of lectures that provide theoretical background in various aspects of confocal microscopy, and sessions that give the student hands-on experience in operating a confocal microscope. The course is offered in Fall Semester and includes laboratory training on using confocal microscopy. NO additional training to access confocal facility is required upon passing the course.