Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

The Life Technologies Attune® NxTAcoustic Focusing Cytometer (blue/red/violet/yellow laser) is an instrument with high sensitivity and precision in a small footprint that is simple to use at any experience level. The system enables analyzing and counting cells in suspension, and can be used to quantitate sub-populations of cells based on physical properties and fluorescent labels attached to specific proteins.

Required Reagents:

Attune™ Focusing Fluid (1X)
Attune™ Debubble Solution (1X)
Attune™ Wash Solution (1X)
Attune™ Shutdown Solution (1X)

Instrument use fee: $30.0 per hour


Fill out the Training Request Form and email to Marina Tanasova ( to set-up a training session.

Access to the facility and instrument is card-based. After completion of the training your card will be activated to access the CIF and Attune NxT.


Instrument Reservation is online.
Follow Reservation Page to set a good calendar for the Attune NxT.


  • Familiarize yourself with lab policy and safety procedures.
  • Follow safety rules, standard operating procedures, and cleanliness behaviors while operating the instrument.

Contact Marina Tanasova ( for inquiries